Clen ®

energy, fat burning, and mental focus that lasts all day
  • rapid fat burning *
  • increase energy *
  • extreme focus *


When burning body fat is what you need, when a boost of stamina is what you want, nothing is more effective than the powerful and highly desired Clen®.

There are countless fat burners in every store, and it can be hard to know which one to choose. But Clen® stands a bit taller than most for one very simple, yet important fact…unlike many fat loss products, Clen® actually works.

We carry a large variety of powerfully effective muscle building compounds, but by far our most commonly requested, and popular product is Clen®, and it’s not hard to understand why:

Clen® was designed to aid the stimulation of the beta-2 receptors and is formulated to concurrently promote a thermogenic and lipolysis (fat burning) effect. This process promotes a powerful boost to the metabolism creating an internal climate that is primed for fat loss. Not only can Clen® aid you in incinerating hard to lose fat, it can dramatically reduce your hunger and cravings that often come with dieting. When you are able to control your appetite in conjunction with a more powerful and dominating metabolic rate, you have the tools you need to reach the lean physique you desire.

You may be surprised to learn that Clen® can also be used effectively when you’re in a “bulking” phase. Gaining large amounts of undesirable body fat is a frequent problem when putting on mass, but Clen® can help you avoid unwanted fat gains so that the gains you do make are of the highest quality.
Athletes also find Clen® to be invaluable, be it endurance or high performance, as it has been formulated to improve stamina by increasing cardiovascular endurance. Simply put, Clen® can help you breathe easier and provides a strong increase in energy, which is something any athlete will enjoy.
If losing body fat is what you’re after, or if you want to promote enhanced athletic performance, or if you simply need a nice kick start (energy) or appetite control, nothing will beat Clen®. Although it is highly effective alone, Clen® can be the perfect add-on to complete any stack.

Clen® was scientifically formulated to help:

  • Rapidly Remove Body Fat *
  • Efficiently Burn Fat Calories *
  • Stimulate Fat Cells to Enhance the Breakdown of Triglycerides *
  • Improve Stamina and Endurance *
  • Safely and Substantially Reduce Appetite *

Includes the following Powerful Ingredients:

  • Niacin

    Plays a role in more than 50 different metabolic processes and helps the body utilize sugars, proteins and fatty acids to create energy. Niacin is used to enhance healthy skin, production of sex and adrenal hormones, improve circulatory function and increase good/decrease bad cholesterol

  • Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin)

    Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that keeps your nerves and red blood cells healthy and is responsible for the smooth functioning of many critical body processes. Cyanocobalamin is also used to aid in the production of energy and the decrease of fatigue.

Clen® Proprietary Blend:

  • Caffeine

    Commonly used to improve mental alertness, prevent fatigue and increase energy levels. Recognized around the world for its ability to enhance alertness and brain function. Used by many for weight loss for its ability to burn calories and aids in fat loss by helping to release more fat from fat cells and help prevent fat storage in fat cells. Research confirms that caffeine can immediately increase muscle strength and decrease muscle fatigue during workouts, which allows for higher intensity workouts. Is also suggested to increase Nitric Oxide which will increase blood flow to the muscles

  • Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium) Fruit Powder

    Commonly known for its ability to increase metabolism and suppress appetite, Citrus Aurantium can help increase thermogenesis, which is your body’s ability to burn fat.

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract

    Often used by athletes as an antioxidant that can regulate metabolic rate and aid in fat burning. Green Tea is also highly suggested to enhance muscle and joint recovery and is used by many strength athletes around the world.

  • Camellia Sinensis (White Tea) Leaf & Bud/Shoot Extract

    White Tea Leaf Extract is much like it’s counter part Green Tea Leaf with one major exception. This effectively inhibits the generation of new adipocytes and stimulates fat mobilization from mature fat cells.

  • Cayenne Pepper Fruit Powder

    Popularly used by athletes to ramp up metabolic activity and increase the level of fat calories your body can burn. Cayenne is often used to decrease hunger and raise the bodies temperature

Other Ingredients:

  • Rice Flower

  • Gelatin (Capsule)

  • Magnesium Stearate

    A highly effective essential mineral that is important for numerous functions in the body, which has shown to significantly increase muscle strength and raise testosterone levels in men. Magnesium is a very important factor for the heart, metabolic activity, bone health and can greatly enhance sleep quality.

  • Dicalcium Phosphate

  • Titanium Dioxide (Color)

  • FD&C; Red #3

  • FD&C; Blue #1

  • Beta Ecydysterone

    AMAZING for those guys who are “Hard Gainers” or those having a difficult time putting on muscle and size. Beta-Ecdysterone is known to result in the addition of lean muscle without adding excess body fat. This helps create the optimum anabolic environment for building muscle and strength. Beta-Ecdysterone also helps maintain a positive nitrogen balance and increase protein synthesis in the body.

  • 5-Methyl-7-Methoxvisoflavone

    An incredibly powerful anabolic compound used by those wanting to quickly gain muscle and size without adversely affecting their natural hormone levels. Bodybuilders often report significant muscle growth, while simultaneously shedding unwanted body fat in as little as 30 days

Special Notice:  This Product is designed for Maximum Thermogenic effect and may temporarily cause a tingling sensation, redness and flushing of skin.

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